Passenger ships

Passenger ships

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Passenger ships must meet a wide range of requirements. Whether on inland waters, coastal waters or at sea, for a crossing or a large cruise.

In addition to maximum safety and reliability, comfort and entertainment also take top priority. In order to be ideally equipped for all applications, the technology must be just as versatile and reliable as the passenger ships themselves. In order to ensure a completely relaxing and memorable stay, all security and communication systems must offer a perfect framework for meeting the high standards and setting new ones in this field.

Technologies which meet the highest quality and safety requirements are constantly being enhanced and certified. The variety of materials and modules covers all requirements from passenger transportation by sea to luxury cruises, and the ships are perfectly equipped for every use. The focus is on internal communications and maximum safety to prevent accidents and misunderstandings.

Robust materials and many possible combinations combine maximum safety with practical handling and a customised design. This is where OGNIOS offers standardised module function monitoring for constant reliability as well as a redundant power supply. Clear voice intelligibility, even in noisy surroundings, is guaranteed by two digital microphones. For versions with image transfer, the OGNIOS camera module with SIP video camera in HD quality and infrared lighting is available.

The devices are made from saltwater-proof material and robust surfaces even in the basic maritime version. For even greater safety, security locks can be applied to buttons and switches.