Work vessels

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work vessels, whose purpose is the carrying out of work on or from the water, are noted for their variety. The floating vehicles fulfil all sorts of requirements; they are used for maintaining waterways, as supervisory boats, for traffic safety or - in a secondary function - as transport devices, and are ideally adapted to their specific tasks. The boats can be equipped with a variety of engines, an extendible wheelhouse, towing and push-back devices, cranes or surveying equipment.

To satisfy the diverse areas of application, they also need the greatest possible modularity and flexibility in the area of communication. Internal communication in particular requires maximum technical reliability in order to avoid misunderstandings or accidents. This is where OGNIOS offers standardised module function monitoring for constant reliability as well as a redundant power supply. Clear voice intelligibility, even in noisy surroundings, is guaranteed by two digital microphones. For versions with image transfer, the OGNIOS camera module with SIP video camera in HD quality and infrared lighting is available.

The devices are made from saltwater-proof material and robust surfaces even in the basic maritime version. For even greater safety, security locks can be applied to buttons and switches.